Island Info





Phu Quoc offers a decent infrastructure: 

an airport, wide tracks, money-exchange offices, banks with ATM, hospital, post-office, police-station.


... and even plenty of FREE WIFI places. Just in case you still have the desire to stay connected to the world.



How's the weather today? 

 The climate is tropical
   2 seasons:

- Dry from November till June. Temperature is between 30 and 35c during the day. The nights are usually rather cool. The sea water is at 25-28c. 

- Rainy from July till October. 
Temperature is still very nice (between 26 and 32c), but tropical rain can fall anytime, generally for a few minutes .



Typical activities on the Island:


> Boat Trips  Boat Trip

Different trips are available for visiting the islets, and also snorkeling and fishing. They are usually 

half-day or full-day tours. 


  > Scuba Diving

Corail A professional organization is available to take you and train you in the beautiful sites around the island.





Pepper Garden


Since 2006, foreign visitors to Phu Quoc only don't  need a visa anymore
if they stay less than 15 days. See your travel agent for details...
Soon, boats will be coming from Cambodia directly.


Phu Quoc  has also several harbours and  lively markets.
       Phuquoc Boats                      Market



How to get here:

> By Plane 
Vietnam Airlines is the main carrier.
During the high season (November till May) there are up to 20 daily flights from Saigon. 
Now there are also a daily 2-way flight with Hanoi, Rach Gia and Can Tho. Convenient when visiting  the Mekong Delta.
Off The Plane!


> By BoatSpeed Boat

Speedboats are operating from Rach Gia (2h30) and Ha Tien (1h30).


During the rainy season or bad weather conditions those services might be cancelled.

  > On the Island itself

Taxi cars are largely available. No need to bargain, watch the meter...


If you have reserved with us before arriving, we book a cab for you and the
driver will be waiting for you at the gate. He will have a sign with your name.



A lot of motorbike-taxis are also available to carry you from virtually any place 

to any place on the island.

Obviously the "Honda om" know the Island like their pocket. 
It is advisable to bargain the fare. For example between the Airport and 

Bo resort, the fare should be no more than 50,000 VND. The problem is

to communicate with those drivers. They also have a tendency to take you

to places where they get commissions... Not such a good deal as it looks.

Only if you are alone and traveling light... 



Attention!  Tell the drivers that the place you want to go to is

BO Resort on Ong Lang Beach.

Everybody knows BO on the island...






> Other activities...

River cruising, visiting fish-sauce factories and pepper plantations,
jungle-trekking to the waterfall...
Waterfall in Phu Quoc at the Pearl Farm. Pearls from factory outlet


Phu Quoc is famous in the Asian world for its fish sauce, called "Nuoc Mam". The island produces more than 10 million liters of fish sauce a year.

Fish Sauce barrels


Phu Quoc is also known for its flavorful pepper. Wandering through a plantation with its endless rows of pepper vines, you can appreciate how hard the island's farmers work. It takes 3 years to take a crop to maturity.