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Types of Bungalows




We have 4 types of units: 35, 55, 65 and 2x52 m2.

6 units are currently equipped with hot water by solar panels.

 The 2x52m2 double-unit is available for people who
 want to be together, but still enjoy some intimacy.
 Those units can accommodate, for example:
 2 adults + 3 kids, or + 2 teenagers
 2 adults + 2 adults,
 2 teenagers + 2 teenagers.

 The 55 or 65m2 units can accommodate a family with two kids,
 all together, but with a separate sleeping area in the -65m2.

 The 35m2 have a balcony.

 To help in your choice, this is an animation with most of the
 floor-plans available:

  > floorplans


Bungalow Types